Nyiko and The White Electric press photo
Photo by Sam G

Nyiko and The White Electric release a stylish music video for their “9×16” single

Nyiko is an LA-based synth-pop singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, he released a music video for “9×16”, a collaborative song with The White Electric.

Communicating via email, they produced a tune full of velvety textures and compelling rhythm. Also, they managed to merge future house, synth bass, new wave leads, and delicious vocal melodies. 

Nyiko x The White Electric – “9×16” music video

“We wanted the video to represent the themes of the song in a stylized way. There’s a dichotomy between online relationships and in-person connections. The contrast of having cellphones in what looks like a 1960s period piece is a nod to that dichotomy along with the way we’re now able to artificially curate our personas online.” — Nyiko

The audiovisual, directed by Peter Timberlake, initially resembles a cell phone video, as Nyiko tries to hook up with a prospective date. He enters an apartment reminiscent of the ‘60s, checking his phone for her reply. As the screen expands, four women appear.


Nyiko photo with four women in red outfits

“How about myself and you go out tonight? Get up, go out, get offline. Until ten past two, we bump and grind. Living our lives outside the lines 9 by 16. I don’t want to waste my time thinking on a witty reply. Can we just meet up tonight? I don’t want to waste your time. So if I’ve been on your mind, let me know and I will treat you right.” — lyrics

The women, dressed in the same red outfits, remain glued to their cellphones as Nyiko begins to sing.

“Nyiko’s cashmere tones exude tantalizing timbres, gracious and beguiling!”

Nyiko press photo by Niles Gregory
Photo by Niles Gregory

Beginning as an exploration of internet dating, “9×16” mousses up into a dance floor pronouncement encouraging us to get off our smartphones, get up, and get offline. The song opens on cool gleaming colors, warm and low-slung. Then, it flows into a smooth shimmering melody rife with intoxicating textures and an infectiously pulsing rhythm. Scintillating sonic accents suffuse the tune with tender glistening hues, akin to orchestral strings.


Photo by Niles Gregory

Soft glowing breakdowns shift the harmonics, imbuing the music with haunting energy, luminous and sparkling. The combination of Nyiko’s silky voice and indulgent layers of sonic pressure creates a dreamy sinuous soundscape that’s elegant, palpable, and gorgeously subtle. “9×16” is featured on Nyiko’s and The White Electric’s 6-track debut EP, entitled, “Crush“.

Stream “Crush” via Apple Music

“Wonderfully wrought, “9×16” is superb, chock-full of charming flavors, lush washes of iridescent colors, and the affluent voice of Nyiko.”

We recommend adding Nyiko’s and The White Electric’s “9×16” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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