Nyanni is a 22-year-old Contemporary hip-hop/R&B singer-songwriter outta Oakland, California. Not too long ago, she released a hypnotic single, entitled, “Over Night”.

Nyanni – “Over Night”


Over Night is about always being alone and wanting attention. Sometimes we all feel alone even when we’re around people. I just want everyone to know it’s okay to admit you’re alone and feel that no one cares to check on you. So many make it seem like you’re weak if you admit that you’re lonely and want/need someone to talk to. But the reality is we’re human. We can say we don’t care but it could be eating us up inside. Yes, you can expect a project from me this year under RedWallStudio. No date yet.

I’m all alone can I stay the night?


Photo by @edgardaniel199x

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