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Nyah Lavina releases a lovely piano ballad, entitled, “Every Song Goes Out To You”

Nyah Lavina is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter and musician from Miami, Florida. Not too long ago, she released a lovely piano ballad, entitled, “Every Song Goes Out To You.”

Nyah Lavina – “Every Song Goes Out To You” single

“I don’t want to know another voice when I wake up and you tell me good morning. I don’t want to have another choice ‘cause I choose you over everyone. And I don’t want to look into anyone else’s eyes, my mind would just disguise them for yours. And I don’t want to give anybody else the time ‘cause I’d rather spend it waiting at your door. Every song goes out to you. Each one I write is a letter that you could hold on to. And you can read them every now and then. I hope it makes you feel better and helps you understand that nobody could love you the way I do.” – lyrics

‘Every Song Goes Out To You’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who writes a meaningful song for her significant other. Apparently, the song is a love letter that she wants her companion to play every now and then. Also, the song serves as a sonic reminder of her love for her partner. Later, she admits, “Every song I write for you proves my heart beats for you, and nobody could love you the way I do. I’ll always sing your melody, I guess that’s just the songwriter blues.”

‘Every Song Goes Out To You’ contains an endearing narrative and ear-soothing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Elina, Adele, and Sam Smith. The emotive tune possesses piano-driven instrumentation flavored with acoustic pop and contemporary R&B elements. Furthermore, “Every Song Goes Out To You” serves as a pivotal song for anyone whose heart is breaking because they desire to spend time with their significant other.

“Every moment’s worth it in your arms.”

Nyah Lavina press photo
Photo by @redlens__

“This is definitely a waterworks song. It is soulful and significant to my love story. It begins with me performing in front of a crowd slowly hearing the audience fade into a beautiful, mastered piece. I wanted it to feel as if the whole world could sing it so one day it leads back to the ears of that special someone. I hope everyone can feel every emotion I put into making it. I write my own songs from real-life events while also creating each of their melodies using my guitar and piano. My goal is to create songs people can relate to or to just vibe. Thank you for listening and showing my music some love, I appreciate each one of you.” – Nyah Lavina explained

Nyah Lavina, a real-life dreamer, writes music inspired by real-life events. She hopes her songs can help listeners get through rough patches in life. Also, she wishes her music can inspire listeners to be the best version of themselves. Not too long ago, Nyah tried out for America’s Got Talent by singing one of her original songs while playing the piano.

“Every Song Goes Out To You” single

Nyah Lavina - “Every Song Goes Out To You” cover

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