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Nvoko becomes the first platform to secure creative rights for indie artists

Nvoko recently announced its launch as an exclusive platform for recording artists, songwriters, and producers. The music business tech company plans on legally protecting artists’ royalties and collaborations online. But they chose to do things differently rather than handshakes, verbal agreements, and hearsay. Also, they are now in a position to provide personalized contracts for every deal artists participate in. 

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In this age, many creators are entirely independent. Therefore, the expanding void of illegitimate music distributions puts many artists in jeopardy of losing royalties. Also, worst-case scenario, facing copyright infringement lawsuits for their collaborations. Therefore, Nvoko wants to tackle that problem head-on. Their goal is to provide an easy-to-use online platform that caters to artists of all sizes. The platform will provide a safe space to handle payments and legalities. Also, it will allow artists to freely connect and collaborate. Nvolo offers both a free membership and a comprehensive $17 per month plan. In return, they will handle everything from the initial connection of artists and collaborators to pitching deals. Also, they will create enforceable contracts, facilitate payments, and help with the registration of your work. 

“Independent artists using Nvoko can begin to build and secure generational wealth.

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Generic contracts created by computers are nothing new. However, Nvoko is the first company to focus specifically on covering the aspects that happen in real-life music deals. These aren’t just fill-in-the-blank contracts. Nvoko really understands the deal that’s taking place. Also, their goal is to ensure that each artist retains the rights and profits over their creations.

“The importance of this conversation has been ignored for too long.”

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As an independent musician, I have seen first-hand that 9 out of 10 connections are building their entire career without any legal protection around their brand or catalog. It has to change. Also, it’s time for power to be placed back in the artist’s hands. They deserve to know what they are agreeing to. Most importantly, they deserve lawful ownership over their creations. I have personally seen a fellow artist lose over 60% of their annual revenue due to one deal going sideways.” — Lucidious stated

Nvoko was founded by (hip-hop artist) Lucidious, (digital strategist) Derek Ruffner, and (entertainment attorney) Charlotte Towne. The company’s creators span the industry with their vast knowledge and expertise. Also, they serve as leaders of ArtistHub Inc., which has served over 1,500 artists and delivers millions of monthly clicks across campaigns internationally. Therefore, this team can help independent artists thrive in the ever-evolving music industry. Also, they are ready to take a comprehensive approach from start to finish. 

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Learn more about Nvoko HERE

Nvoko will be launching its beta program in December 2020. Also, interested users can sign up for the waitlist today to receive free access to Nvoko Pro for 3 Months.

We recommend finding out what Nvoko has to offer. If it’s something that intrigues you, then by all means use their services to your advantage. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below. Peace.

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