ninet Tayeb

Ninet Tayeb releases a fiery rock tune, entitled, “Self Destructive Mind”

Ninet Tayeb is a critically-acclaimed Israeli Rockstar based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a fiery rock tune, entitled, “Self Destructive Mind”.

Ninet Tayeb – “Self Destructive Mind”

“When you wake up in the middle of the night. Am I still on your mind? ‘Cause times are changing. And do you have a friend or someone to talk to? You keep it all to yourself. You keep all to yourself.” – lyrics

‘Self Destructive Mind’ tells the tale of a woman who worries a lot. In her voice is an unidentified pain and her mind wanders millions of miles away from L.A. She thinks about Israel, her homeland, and the treasures she had to leave behind. Now she’s alone, standing on a balcony, not too far from two birds hanging on the wire, outside her home at night. Their chemistry and closeness remind her of her loved ones, and she questions if she made the right decision to move.  

‘Self Destructive Mind’ contains a shadowy narrative, husky vocals, and a dynamic instrumentation perfumed with a bouquet of complementary sounds.

Ninet Tayeb 

ninet Tayeb
Photo by Gaya’s Photos

When I relocated to LA from Israel two years ago, I spent a lot of nights sitting on my balcony, staring at the moon, thinking. One of those late nights I was battling some negative thoughts, wondering about my decision to leave home. That moment inspired me, so I walked inside and wrote this song. ‘Self Destructive Mind’ is a taste, a glimpse into my world where time can make you feel so isolated and alone.” – Ninet Tayeb stated

Ninet Tayeb’s sound is reminiscent of The Kills, PJ Harvey, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a subtle and unique middle-eastern influence. Also, she is recognized as one of the most influential musicians in Israel. Over a decade ago, she first found success by winning “Israeli Idol”. Plus, her debut album took less than a day to go platinum and it yielded five #1 singles.

We recommend adding Ninet Tayeb’s “Self Destructive Mind” single to your personal playlist.

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