Night Tapes - “drifting” press photo

Watch Night Tapes’ New Music Video for their “drifting” Single

Night Tapes (@nighttapesmusic) is a DIY dream pop trio from London, England. Not too long ago, they released a lovely music video for their “drifting” single via Nettwerk Music Group.

Night Tapes – “drifting” music video

“We wrote this song over a few weeks in the middle of summer. It contains a paradox and to be honest we’re still in the process of discovering the nuances of meaning in it. I think that sometimes drifting can take you where you need to be, other times it can take you to the open sea where your feet can’t touch the ground anymore. We hope you enjoy this existentialist pop song – big up Maurice Merleau-Ponty.” – Night Tapes explained

In signature Night Tapes style, “drifting” kicks off with a shimmering synth-scape, before breaking into a cool groove helmed by a funk bassline. Meanwhile, lead singer Iiris Vesik’s dulcet tones soar above the arrangement, shrouded in dreamlike textures. “Ain’t this the dream you wanted all along?” she pines on a memorable chorus. Furthermore, “drifting” is another Night Tapes shimmering single, and a perfect way to cap off a momentous year for the London trio. Plus, the song is a worthy follow-up to the success of Night Tapes’s third EP, “Perfect Kindness.”

Night Tapes

Night Tapes press photo

Night Tapes is fresh off a tour of the UK and Europe, with shows spanning Vienna, London, Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Copenhagen, Paris, and Tallinn. They started as evening jams between housemates Max Doohan, Sam Richards, and Iiris Vesik, in London.

Nighttime London, genre-blending, multi-fidelity recordings, and honest reflection contribute to their atmospheric soundscapes, making for fresh, envelope-pushing dream pop. The trio takes inspiration from their lived experience in the world that they can see and touch, as well as the less tangible spiritual and metaphysical realm.

To date, Night Tapes has released three EPs: Dream Forever In Glorious Stereo, Download Spirit, and Perfect Kindness. Their debut single “Forever” has reached over seven million plays, and their music has been championed by major media outlets.

Night Tapes – “drifting” single

Night Tapes - “drifting” cover

“I say romanticism must die, the mind that lords over love is just un-f*******-useful. An idea that doesn’t let you choose. As I stare into a blaze of desire, that is forever youthful. So, I vanish to a cobalt sky. The shape of what I thought was I. Wild shadow with a pale blue eye, romanticism must die. Ain’t this the dream you wanted all along? Solid honey, you can call home. Ain’t this the dream you wanted all along? Most of us are just drifting.” – Night Tapes explained

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