Nicole Rayy press photo
Photo by Ian Mccausland

Nicole Rayy releases a heartfelt Country single, entitled, “Now & Then”

Nicole Rayy is a four-time CMAO nominated artist based in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt Country single, titled, “Now & Then,” via Patriam Records.

Nicole Rayy – “Now & Then” music video

“You’re still living in the town where we grew up. The one where we met and fell outta love. Funny how I couldn’t help coming back with someone else, making memories again. I think about back then once in a while. When I see you in that checkout aisle, I start to wonder how you’ve been. Did life turn out the way you planned? I go back there now and then.” – lyrics

‘Now & Then’ tells a wishful tale about a woman who wants to how her first boyfriend is doing. Did he find a pretty girl to settle down with? Did he buy that dream house he always talked about getting? So many questions about him are running through her mind right now. When they were much younger, he was the first boy to break her heart; and when he left, his departure tore her apart. Now, she’s doing much better, and happy that things worked out in her favor. Therefore, she tells her ex, “I hope you learned to be a better man. Promise her what you couldn’t [do for] me when we were kids.”

Featuring a stunning performance on an old piano from 1901, the music video pays homage not only to Nicole’s local community of Alliston but also to the other six tracks that complete her newest EP. With easter eggs that nod to the music videos of her past, the “Now & Then” video truly weaves together the milestone moments of her career thus far, while also displaying a sentimental storyline based on the real-life encounter that inspired the track.

“I wonder where it went between now and then.”

Nicole Rayy press photo
Photo by Ian Mccausland

“‘Now & Then’ is a real story. It was inspired by bumping into an ex of mine. For that reason, I wanted the video to feel very real. I wanted viewers to have those emotions that come up when you bump into someone you used to care about. The story for me all takes place in the small town where I live, Alliston, Ontario. So, I wanted the video to all be filmed locally to add to that real feeling.” – Nicole Rayy explained

Nicole Rayy has rapidly grown her name in the industry for bringing female-identifying artists together through her All Woman Music showcase series, which has seen showcases and songwriter rounds across Canada. Simultaneously, she has continued to make herself an artist at the forefront of her community for her empowering, anthemic releases, which have garnered over three million catalog streams to date. With over 40K social followers and over 100K TikTok likes – Nicole demonstrates her capabilities to connect with fans across platforms and mediums with recent releases such as her party anthem, “Last Ones Up” and the ’90s-inspired smash, “Feels Like Yesterday.”

Nicole Rayy – “Last Ones Up” music video

Nicole Rayy has received praise from Country tastemakers and media outlets such as The Boot, Complete Country, and Top Country. Her music has been placed on popular playlists such as Spotify’s Women in Country, New Music Nashville, Best Country Songs of 2021, and Live Country, as well as Amazon Music’s Fresh Country, Just North of Nashville, Breakthrough Country, and Certified Country.

Nicole Rayy – “Now & Then” EP

Nicole Rayy - “Now & Then” EP cover art

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