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Natalie Shay releases a beautiful retro-pop tune, entitled, “People Like Me”

Natalie Shay is a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter from North London, England. Not too long ago, she released a beautiful retro-pop tune, entitled, “People Like Me”.

Natalie Shay – “People Like Me” single

“I don’t need much, no, I put this pressure on myself, so. I won’t be questioning it all ‘cause now I see people like me. Haven’t you seen, that things don’t comes easy, and it breaks my heart. People like me will make you believe that life is so easy and it breaks my heart. They don’t know how to please me.” – lyrics

‘People Like Me’ tells an interesting tale of an artist who faces challenges in life. Also, the song details how social media can act as a mask, bringing a rose-tinted perception of what someone is really going through. Furthermore, “People Like Me” contains a relatable storyline and ear-welcoming vocals. Also, it possesses infectious ‘80s-inspired instrumentation flavored with retro-pop and electro-dance elements.

Natalie Shay – “People Like Me” single

Natalie Shay - “People Like Me” cover

“The BRIT school allows students to develop creatively and socially so that they are prepared for the world once they graduate.” – Natalie Shay

Natalie Shay is one of London’s hottest emerging talents. A classically trained guitarist, her outstanding talents got her accepted into the prestigious BRIT school, known for producing such prodigies as Adele, Jessie J, and Katy B.

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