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Mysty releases an adorable R&B tune, entitled, “Young Love”

Mysty is an up-and-coming London-based singer-songwriter from Nigeria. Not too long ago, she released an adorable R&B tune, entitled, “Young Love.”

Mysty – “Young Love” single

“You remind me of that love that makes me weak. You remind me of young love that’s so extreme. You remind me that my heart still beats. When I’m with you feels like summer time.” – lyrics

‘Young Love’ tells a heartfelt tale about a woman who finds herself falling deeply in love with her best friend/lover. Apparently, before this individual came into her life, she was on her grind and only concerned about obtaining money. Now, she has fallen head-over-heels in love with her new beau, and the only person she wants in this world is him. Later, she tells the love of her life, “Oh my gosh, I’ve never felt this way. Best friend and lover, can it stay this way?”

‘Young Love’ contains a relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Soul For Real (“Candy Rain”), Usher, and Mary J. Blige. The likable, ’90s-inspired tune also possesses melodic drum-laden instrumentation flavored with Afro-pop, neo-soul, and contemporary R&B elements. Furthermore, “Young Love” serves as a tasty appetizer featured on Mysty’s debut EP, entitled, “Seven.”

“Do you ever dream of me and you, you and me?”

Mysty press photo
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“‘Young Love’ was inspired by my childhood sweetheart. The feeling of loving without boundaries or fear. I called the song Young Love because the powerful feeling of innocent love cannot be easily captured in a few words. So I decided to use a title that can be relative to many people who fell in love at a young age.” – Mysty explained

Mysty always tries to show her culture through her music, and she has been singing since the age of four. By 14, she was making her own music at Code 7 studio in London. Very diverse in the music, Mysty enjoys listening to afrobeats, R&B, soul, bashment, and hip-hop music.

Mysty – “Seven” EP

Mysty - “Seven” EP cover art

Mysty - “Seven” EP back cover

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