Murs releases visuals for “GBKW” (God Bless Kanye West) song

Murs releases visuals for “GBKW (God Bless Kanye West)“, a dope conscious song off his “Captain California” album featuring Curtiss King, Rexx Life Raj, Beleaf, and Reverie.

“GBKW” (God Bless Kanye West)”

The video shows a black man trying to make it home while overcoming countless obstacles.

“Murs always finds ways to combine the introspective and the socially conscious while still maintaining his sense of humor – getting in some of the best punchlines in the business.”



“So, God bless Kanye West / And every other brother of color that’s under stress / They wanna make you feel like you are less / Even though you didn’t make it, gotta deal with this mess / Hold your head, and always do your best / It’s a long race, you gotta pace your steps / And remember that you are blessed / It’s because God loves us that he puts us to the test.”


Title: “Captain California

Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap

Released: Mar 10, 2017

Label: ℗ 2017 Strange Music, Inc.

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