Muni Long & Yung Bleu - “Build A Bae” BTS still photo

Muni Long and Yung Bleu unveil an attractive audiovisual for their “Build A Bae” single

Muni Long (Priscilla Renea) is a rapper and sought-after songwriter from Vero Beach, Florida. Yung Bleu is a rapper based in Mobile, Alabama. Not too long ago, they released an attractive audiovisual for their “Build A Bae” single, produced by Damar Jackson.

Muni Long & Yung Bleu – “Build A Bae” music video

“You so essential, bae, need you like some PPE. Ain’t no cappin’, ain’t no scammin’, ain’t no EDD. Credentials, build a bae essentials. Just the bare necessities if you wanna f**k wit’ me I need at least a hunnit thousand (I do). I need you to have at least a couple houses. F**k da hills, I want a mansion in the mountains (Pyrenees). I want a crib that got a foyer wit’ a fountain.” – lyrics

‘Build A Bae’ tells a luxurious tale about a woman who wants her significant other to have certain things in order (ex., portfolios, investments, financials) before she can even entertain any type of relationship with him. Apparently, he must be able to provide her with a lavish lifestyle filled with expensive jewelry, mansions, and private jets. In return, all he wants is a freak between the sheets; someone who has great benefits as well as good karma and high credit.

‘Build A Bae’ contains a relatable narrative, conversational rap vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with a warm contemporary rap aroma. Furthermore, “Build A Bae” serves as an appetizing taste of what listeners can expect to hear in the near future from Muni Long and Yung Bleu.

“I got a cold, my neck so sick, I can’t get rid of it.”

Muni Long & Yung Bleu - “Build A Bae” cover

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