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MrWalkinLick releases a music video for his “Splashing on Purpose” single

MrWalkinLick is a rapper from Miami, Florida. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Splashing on Purpose” single, released via Stack Money Entertainment.

MrWalkinLick – “Splashing on Purpose” music video

“Quarter mill’ on me now, tell the b*tch to calm down. Every time I touch down, splash on your b*tch, drown. We ain’t watching what they do, swear this sh*t is déjà vu. Bet she wanna rendezvous, b*tch my chain worth more than you. Don’t need one, I need two. Don’t hesitate to fall through. A lot of bad b*tches in ya crew. I’m the king off in this zoo.” – lyrics

‘Splashing on Purpose’ tells an extravagant tale of a wavy young baller who is living his best life.

Apparently, his bank account is filled to the brim with crisp cash, and his neck feels drenched whenever he rocks his diamond and gold chains.

Also, it’s expected for desirable females to act crazy whenever he introduces them to luxurious items or his lavish lifestyle.

Later, he admits that he and his crew chase a lucrative new bag every single day. Also, he’s currently surfing on a huge wave that’s splashing his wave-less competition on purpose.


MrWalkinLick press photo

In 2006, MrWalkinLick gained popularity in his hometown when he released a remixed of Rick Ross’ “Hustlin’” single, entitled, “Animal”.

Shortly afterward, every school student in Miami and Broward County started rapping to MrWalkinLick’s likable tune.

Since then, he has gotten significant airtime on popular television stations in Nigeria such as MTV Base Africa, Sound City Africa, PlanetTv Radio, HipTV, and TraceTv.


MrWalkinLick press photo

MrWalkinLick’s musical influences include Tupac, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Slick Rick.

His “Splashing on Purpose” single contains a relatable storyline and melodic instrumentation flavored with hip-hop and trap elements.

MrWalkinLick - “Splashing on Purpose” cover art

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