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Mouth Sounds releases a funky chillwave tune, entitled, “Lately”

Mouth Sounds (real name, Daniel Howie) is a former frontman for indie rock darlings, Sugar Glyder, and co-frontman for ’80s tribute outfit, Cassette Rewind. Not too long ago, he released a funky chillwave tune, entitled, “Lately.”

Mouth Sounds – “Lately” single

“Lately” arrives as a stand-alone single, preempting the release of the next EP. The creative process for this song centered around escapism. The instrumentation is inspired by exploring new sounds and embracing the funk-tropic bass and percussion necessary to take the listener to a far off coast, mai-tai in hand.” – Mouth Sounds explained

‘Lately’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Neon Indian, Small Black, and Prince. The likable tune possesses funky instrumentation flavored with chillwave, bedroom pop, and 1980s electro-pop elements. Furthermore, “Lately” bridges the sonic gap between Mouth Sounds’ debut release, Sing or Swim (2017 debut EP), and his forthcoming follow-up EP, set to be released in 2022. The project will explore the creative space modern life has afforded.

“I’m grateful, happy, and more focused than ever on the things that matter most.”

Mouth Sounds press photo

“I wanted to create a vibe that reflected my feelings towards all of the socio-cultural noise we’ve endured as of late. I’ve found myself feeling guilty for surviving and thriving the last two years of isolation. ‘I think I could get used to this,’ the song lyrics admit. ‘Lately’ harps on how chaos can bring comfort when finding your place in a changing world. Themes include coming to terms with your identity, embracing the importance of rebuilding personal boundaries, and finding solace in reclaiming one’s sense of purpose.” – Mouth Sounds explained

“This song is my safe space – I hope it helps you find yours.”

Mouth Sounds - “Lately” song cover art

“Do you remember when the nights were wild with the rhythm of our innocence? The politics try to cramp your style, shut down the government. You call me, crazy, and I call you, babe. Is it always gonna be this way? You feel that fire, I’m feelin’ this bass. We’re burnin’ down this place. You’re lookin’ to me like the day we met and there ain’t nobody here with us. This bag of tricks ’bout to drive you wild – same as it ever was. We stumble onto something dangerous, call me kamikaze in the clutch. Too many times, too many red wines. You got me losin’ touch, I think I could get used to this.” – lyrics

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