Moonlight Breakfast + Summer press photo

Moonlight Breakfast releases an alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Summer”

Moonlight Breakfast is a band from Romania, living in Vienna. Not too long ago, they released an alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Summer”, the second single from their upcoming third studio album.

Moonlight Breakfast – “Summer” single

“Summer nights keepin’ me up. I wanna waste time just looking up. The Sky full of stars, mind wandering far like we’re sixteen, dreaming in the dark.” – lyrics

‘Summer’ tells an adoring tale of a young woman who drives her beau to a nice place where they can spend some alone time together.

Apparently, they are getting away to clear their minds and distance themselves from a few jealous individuals who are furious about them being together.

When they reach their destination, the women’s heart is filled with joy because she’s happy. Therefore, she lies on the warm sand and feels the cool breeze as she holds her beau’s hand.

Later, during the nighttime, the budding couple waste time looking up at the starry sky while their minds wander far away like 16-year-olds dreaming in the dark.

‘Summer’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and vibey instrumentation flavored with indie-alternative, tropical, and electro-pop elements.

Moonlight Breakfast – “Summer” single

Moonlight Breakfast + Summer press photo

“‘Summer’ is the dreamy summer soundtrack for your hot weather adventures. Talks of the sweet sixteen worry-free day and night dreaming. Take us back to when we did not know time pressure. The hooky synth and vocal line transport you straight to the outdoor music festival you wanted to go to this summer.” – Moonlight Breakfast

We recommend adding Moonlight Breakfast’s “Summer” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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