Mitch Bag - Tiny Dancer square cut

Mitch Bag releases a lovely visualizer for his brand-new “Summer’s Gone” single

Mitch Bag is an up-and-coming LA-based singer-songwriter and producer from Melbourne, Australia. Not too long ago, he released a lovely visualizer for his brand-new single, titled, “Summer’s Gone.”

Mitch Bag – “Summer’s Gone” visualizer

“Three years and I’m feeling the same way, every day it’s getting harder to wake. Well, God knows I’m missing you lately, seeing the sunshine, is driving me crazy. ‘Cause, days feel like years since you packed up your things and you told me we’re through. Well, I sit here lost and used, thinking about one thing, I know that’s true.” – lyrics

‘Summer’s Gone’ tells a melancholic tale about a young guy who is struggling to get over his ex-partner. Three years ago, she told him she would stay, but she left him high and dry. Now another summer is gone, and all he feels is pain. It’s raining and everything is grey. Plus, it hurts him to know that his ex is not the one for him, she doesn’t care for him anymore, and she’s not in love with him.

‘Summer’s Gone’ was written about the world closing in on you when you lose a lover. The emotional tune possesses thudding drums and moody guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with a tender electro-pop vibration. Furthermore, “Summer’s Gone” is featured on Mitch Bag’s new three-track EP, entitled, “Maybe On a Brighter Day,” released after Mitch’s yearlong journey through multiple continents.

Mitch Bag – “Maybe On a Brighter Day” EP

Mitch Bag - “Maybe On a Brighter Day” cover art

“This EP is about love and loss but also hope…and I think it’s as good a time as ever to remember that there’s a brighter day around the corner.” – Mitch Bag stated

For “Maybe On a Brighter Day” EP, Mitch collaborated with Grammy-award-winning producer and mix engineer, Craig Bauer, and Grammy-award-winning mastering engineer, Dave Collins.

The EP includes the standout single, “Tiny Little Dancer,” written with sister/manager and frequent collaborator, Ollie Olivia.

Mitch Bag – “Tiny Little Dancer” (Official Video)

On their vagabond travels, Ollie Olivia says, “We’re so lucky to be making music together. It makes every part of this sometimes-difficult musical journey so much fun.”

Ollie Olivia and Mitch Bag

Mitch Bag and Ollie Olivia press photo

“There’s no way I could achieve half of what I do without her”, says Mitch. “We’ve been making music and scheming for the world since we were little kids; not much has changed.”

This latest EP release coincides with another EP, which was also released this year, titled, “Green Dragon,” which has over two million streams to date. That release featured the hit single, “Fake It To A Place,” a fan-favorite brother-and-sister duet.

Mitch Bag – “Fake It To A Place” feat. Ollie Olivia (Official Visualizer)

Mitch adds, “My debut album comes out in a few months, just in time for the European summer.” The album, “Freestyle Kicking,” is scheduled for release in July 2023. The project will include another duet with Ollie.

Mitch Bag – “Maybe On a Brighter Day” Visualizer

Mitch Bag combines techno beats and grooves usually found in dance tracks with a smooth, fresh melodic twang. So far, he has amassed over 22.7K Spotify listeners with a hugely dedicated fanbase in North, Central, and South America.

“Summer’s Gone” single

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