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MIIA releases a dramatic pop single, entitled, “Skin of a Fool,” featuring Vaarin

MIIA (Miia) is a talented singer-songwriter from Norway. Not too long ago, she released a dramatic pop single, titled, “Skin of a Fool,” featuring the multi-talented artist, Vaarin.

MIIA – “Skin of a Fool” video featuring Vaarin

“How can I find my inner voice and tell it to step up? Maybe my inside will change color soon, if I could paint it I would. It’s too dark in here for me to see the way out. My way out, it’s so hard to find what’s on my mind. No way out. No one understanding my head, I don’t talk to myself like a friend. No one understanding my pain, I’m the skin of a fool and my head says I’m cruel. Where’s the truth?” – lyrics

‘Skin of a Fool’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who believes her lies find their own place to hide under her skin. Apparently, she has deep mental health issues but she’s trying her best to stay rational. With a heavy heart, she admits, “I don’t believe what people say, not even when they’re crying. Blame myself for everyone’s mistakes and even blame myself for trying.”

‘Skin of a Fool’ cuts straight to the chase, and it’s soul-stirring from the very beginning. An upfront yet magical soundscape immediately draws you into a bygone era like some mysterious dream. Heavy drums combined with unshielded lyrics express the deep graveness of the song. You can feel that something is coming – and you might find yourself unprepared. However, together, MIIA and Vaarin manage to smoothly guide you through with their powerful story, culminating in what feels like an indestructible, liberating whirlwind. “Skin of a Fool” is the quintessential musical force. It is dramatic, but at the same time delicate. The song is sure to awaken a mighty strength in us all and is the type of song that does not come by often enough.

“It’s so hard to say I got my back.”

Vaarin and MIIA - “Skin of a Fool” video photo

“I didn’t know Vaarin that well, but I admired her. Her truth was just so clear to me. Not only are her melodies beyond special and sincere – she also takes risks and isn’t afraid to make the listener a bit uncomfortable. We wrote ‘Skin of a Fool’ during a vulnerable conversation about feelings we had felt surrounding not being good enough. Our producer, Joachim (J RYGGS),  already had these enchanting chords that immediately spoke to us. You need to allow darkness to ‘get out’ of it. And sometimes, in order to do that, you need to know that you’re not alone. You need to let love in – and only when you do that – you can finally be free.” – MIIA explained

MIIA is no stranger to the music industry. At 14 years old, she visited Los Angeles, where she was quickly signed, and multiple pop hits followed. She recorded an off-the-cuff EP with her uncle, and hit #24 on iTunes Pop Chart with the single, “In the Light of Love.”

MIIA – “In the Light of Love” official lyric video

MIIA soon found herself needing to take a step back, to figure out who she really wanted to be. Outside of music, her two biggest passions are history and Mother Earth. She received her B.A. from the University of Oslo and worked with Norway’s largest environmental organization. Eventually, MIIA came to a point of an epiphany: that music was her true calling. Over the past three years, she has been honing her craft and working on music that will be used in her upcoming EP.

MIIAs epic expression has also become deep-rooted in the Film/ TV/ Trailer world. Recently, her song, “Beautiful Creature” was used in a massive worldwide Samsung commercial whereas her other songs have been synched on shows like The Kardashians, Vanderpump Rules, and Virgin Territory, to name a few. Also, her “Dynasty” single was featured on Netflix’s’ Love is Blind and even used by UNICEF in a project fighting climate change.

MIIA – “Dynasty” (Official Music Video)

MIIA’s raw and heartbreaking vocals took the world by storm when “Dynasty” premiered on Billboard in 2016 and hit the Top 5 in numerous verified playlists like New Music Friday. Garnering over 1M streams in 23 days, and currently over 120M streams on Spotify, “Dynasty” laid the foundation for the artist that MIIA had always dreamed of being.

In 2022, MIIA consistently garnered 1.4M monthly listeners on Spotify, with her loyal fanbase from every corner of the world patiently awaiting her comeback. After digging deep and taking time to discover the true artist within, MIIA is finally ready to unveil a fresh new chapter with her upcoming debut EP, due in 2023.

MIIA – “Skin of a Fool” single featuring Vaarin

MIIA and Vaarin - “Skin of a Fool” cover art

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