Master tape 1 - Big Boy One - Derful Version

anotherblock releases Michael Jackson’s inaugural studio recording, “Big Boy (One-Derful Version)”

A historical recording, concealed from the public for over 50 years, is being digitally released for the very first time globally. Today, the world will have the chance to access Michael Jackson’s inaugural studio recording, showcasing the original “Big Boy (One-Derful Version)” in the form of a “digital vinyl” made available on anotherblock. In partnership with Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Legacy Foundation.

On July 13th, 1967, eight-year-old Michael Jackson and his brothers entered One-Derful in Chicago for what would be their very first studio recording session. This session marked the first time in young Michael’s life that he had ever sung in a studio microphone and captured the first moment his voice was recorded on tape. It serves as the first-found evidence of The Jackson 5’s development under the wing of One-Derful, one of Chicago’s most influential black-owned labels, before their time with Steeltown Records – a moment that had previously been entirely lost to history. Since that day 56 years ago, the “Big Boy (One-Derful Version)” recording has never been digitally released to the public, until now.

Michel D Traor

Michel D Traore (CEO of anotherblock) press photo
Photo by Oskar Omne

We are immensely proud and excited to bring this significant piece of music history to the world. This truly demonstrates how digital assets have the potential to prolong the life and enhance the value of art in a profound manner. – stated Michel D Traore, co-founder and CEO of anotherblock.

The global release of this recording is made possible by its owner, Recordpool, in collaboration with anotherblock, a blockchain-based music and royalty marketplace renowned for featuring songs from acclaimed artists such as Rihanna, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber. This unique “digital vinyl” is available in unlimited quantity and includes “Big Boy (One-Derful Version)”, accessible through anotherblock’s player, as well as images of the master tape and song stems (separate files of the track). For the collector, there’s also a limited edition with extra songs, providing a rare opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the early days of The Jackson 5.

Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jacksonat Michael Jackson Immortalized at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Ho
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“This was their first step in music with ‘Big Boy’, empowered by the voice of the youngest and the best to ever do it. I can’t believe his voice, along with his brothers’, would echo for decades. Through anotherblock’s endeavor, the Jackson family’s initial recordings of our musical heritage find a new rhythm for the digital age. It is a testament that the Jacksons’ story, just like our music, remains timeless. And the best part is that some proceeds will go to a local foundation to help the families of Gary, Indiana.” – Katherine Jackson explained

The discovery of the studio master was made in 2009 by the Chicago Reader journalist, Jake Austen. While writing a story about The Jackson 5’s first single, he picked up the trail of a tape nobody knew existed. The recording stands in stark contrast to the polished and meticulously crafted music that The Jackson 5 would later create for Motown. In the original, we witness a passionate eight-year-old Michael, only a few months away from transitioning from his life as an ordinary child in Gary, Indiana. A later version of “Big Boy,” re-recorded in a separate session, was released as The Jackson 5’s first single by Steeltown Records in January 1968.

Open edition – $25 USD

Michael Jackson NFT open thumbnail

  • “Big Boy (One-Derful Version)”, accessible through anotherblock’s player
  • Downloadable song stems (the separate files of the track)
  • Images of master tape and agreements
  • Digital Vinyl B-Side including “Michael The Lover” & “My Girl” + song stems

Limited edition – 100 $USD, 1,000 tokens

Michael Jackson - Big Boy - NFT limited thumbnail

  • Includes everything in the open edition
  • Uniquely designed artwork
  • 8 additional songs and song stems from the Steeltown sessions in 1967: “Big Boy (Steeltown Version)”, “We Don’t Have To Be Over 21 (To Fall In Love)”, “You’ve Changed”, “Tracks Of My Tears”, “Lonely Heart”, “Saturday Night At The Movies”, “Stormy Monday”, and “Under The Boardwalk”.

Available worldwide from December 7th at 9 AM PT / 5 PM GMT / 6 PM CET, to December 11. Visit anotherblock for more information.


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