Michael Gerow - “Between The Lines” press photo
Photo by Austin Martinez

Unpacking the Gloomy Tale of Michael Gerow’s “Between the Lines” single

Michael Gerow (@michaelgerow) is a talented Missouri-raised singer-songwriter and producer from Indiana. Not too long ago, he released a lyric video for his emotive piano-pop ballad, titled, “Between The Lines,” via Artist Partner Group.

Michael Gerow – “Between The Lines” lyric video

“We were picture perfect ‘til you broke the frame. Signs were showing that your feelings changed. I wish I noticed you were acting strange. Should’ve turned around and walked away. But damn it felt like saying goodbye was a natural disaster. I remember going to afters and making out after. Back when we would sit in my car and be talking for hours. Then we went from loving each other to burning the flowers.” – lyrics

‘Between The Lines’ tells a sad tale about a young guy who recalls a failed relationship he was involved in with his ex-significant other. Disappointed with himself, he feels he should have paid more attention to the red flags and asked questions like: “Where were you at when you said that you were all alone?” And “Where did you stay when you said you couldn’t make it home?” If he could ask his ex-partner anything else, he would say, “Tell me how you look me in my eyes when all along you knew that you were lying. Cause there was someone else that you were hiding but I was blinded by your gaslighting.”

‘Between The Lines’ contains ear-pleasing vocals, tuneful melodies, and a good-thing-doesn’t-last narrative that will surely resonate well with fans of Justin Bieber, Lewis Capaldi, and Alexander Stewart. The emotive tune possesses warm piano-laden instrumentation flavored with a gloomy and rainy pop experience. Michael Gerow sings with passion, “If you call me late at night, Baby, I won’t answer but just know I’m doing fine. And trust me, I still hate you, but you taught me how to read between the lines.”

“We were picture perfect ‘til you broke the frame.”

Michael Gerow - "Between The Lines" cover
Photo by Austin Martinez

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