Mercy Porter press photo sitting on the edge of a bed with a young woman in the background.
Photo by Peter Parker

Mercy Porter unveils an appealing audiovisual for his “Lucy” single

Mercy Porter is a recording artist from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, he released an appealing audiovisual for his “Lucy” single, produced by Great John (Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow).

Mercy Porter – “Lucy” music video

“Jawnneesh, I need me a baddie, a wetty, yea. Bend it over, keep it steady. By the end of the night, you gon’ love me. Shout out baby, lucyyyy. Ouu, she suck me crazy. She left me leanin’, got me dreaming. I love money like a fat ni**a love food. When we walk in the spot they know it’s woo!! Ni**as say they outside, that’s when we move on ‘em. Ni**as claim that they tough, ni**as be too soft.” – lyrics

Lucy’ tells an urban-street tale about a young and flossy hustler who adores spending quality time with a desirable woman named Lucy. Apparently, she’s a highly skilled professional who always has him feeling good in a sensual way. However, his outside environment isn’t as endearing because it’s filled with envious people who hate him. Therefore, he walks around with his weapon just in case he encounters any sudden danger. Later, he admits that drinking Hennessy has turned him into a demon, and his hate could stem from him accumulating too much money and desirable women.

“Lucy” single

Mercy Porter's "Lucy" song cover art.
Photo by Peter Parker

“‘Lucy’ just came up. It was a sick beat that Great John cooked up. I was vibing to it and one of the guys was talking. He said something about him needing a shorty for the night, and Great John had sent the beat over. And I said, ‘Jawneesh, I need me a baddie, a wetty, yeah.’ I just went brazy after that.” – Mercy Porter explained

‘Lucy’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and harmony-driven melodies. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation seasoned with contemporary rap, hip-hop, and indie R&B ingredients. Furthermore, “Lucy” serves as a tasty appetizer of what listeners can expect to hear from Mercy Porter, who once toured with late Pop Smoke.

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