Melody Thornton press photo by Trellis Evans
Photo by Trellis Evans

Melody Thornton releases a beautiful soul ballad, entitled, “Love Will Return”

Melody Thornton is a multi-platinum singer-songwriter and former member of the Pussycat Dolls. Not too long ago, she released a beautiful soul ballad, entitled, “Love Will Return”, about a young woman who awaits her lover’s return.

Melody Thornton – “Love Will Return” music video

“I was standing in my kitchen, looking out the window at a scenic view of the hills in L.A. and started humming a melody I’d never heard. I started to add lyrics and in 20 minutes I had the song ‘Love Will Return’ mapped out. It was my favorite song that only existed in my head.” – Melody Thornton

‘Love Will Return’ was inspired by Melody Thornton’s ancestral roots in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as her Mexican and African-American heritage. The attractive tune, perfumed with southern soul and classic R&B, serves as one of her biggest musical moments yet.

Melody Thornton

Melody Thornton - “Love Will Return” cover

“The song plays like a Tarantino film score while calling to mind the commanding voices of Nancy Sinatra, Shirley Bassey, and Eartha Kitt.”

‘Love Will Return’, well-engineered and nurtured ripely, is gorgeous like the scenic view that inspired its melodies. Also, the cinematic tune possesses the late ‘60s- and early ‘70s-inspired instrumentation flavored with grand horns, layered harmonies, and tribal woodwind. Furthermore, “Love Will Return” serves as a tasty appetizer to Thornton’s upcoming (early 2020) project.

Melody Thornton

Melody Thornton press photo by Trellis Evans
Photo by Trellis Evans

“The entire evolution of the song was magic. I didn’t have to explain what I envisioned to the producer too much when I finally decided to record it. He felt it himself and delivered an incredible finished product. There’s just something spiritual about it. It moves me in a way like no other song I’ve written before. I can’t explain it. I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. The songs are like my babies and ‘Love Will Return’ is my Kim Kardashian.” – Melody Thornton

Melody Thornton is a name you should remember and an exciting artist to watch. Also, she is currently riding high on global playlists with her fantastic vocal performance on the Spinnin Records/Harrison produced “Freak Like Me”, which was released in early October. 

Harrison – “Freak Like Me” featuring Melody Thornton (Official Music Video)

Most recently, Melody Thornton has been touring the U.K. in the West End smash hit, Rip it Up the 70s, celebrating the music of the decade. We highly recommend adding her “Love Will Return” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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