Melody Thornton press photo

Melody Thornton performs her “Love Will Return” single LIVE for Cream On Top

Melody Thornton (former member of the Pussycat Dolls) is a multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. Not too long ago, she performed her “Love Will Return” single LIVE for Cream On Top in Los Angeles at Lower Deck Sessions. 

Melody Thornton – “Love Will Return” performance video

“In this current environment, performers have been faced with much difficulty in making their presence felt and creating space for live performances. Therefore, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with ‘Cream On Top’ because I love to sing and I know how much my fans enjoy it. It was just nice to be able to give them that.” — Melody Thornton stated

Cream On Top is a production company that unites music and travel to produce captivating audio-visual experiences. They film great artists in rare and unique locations to create unrivaled entertainment for online streaming. One of these artists is Melody Thornton, a brilliant performer who has a lifetime of musical experience.

Melody Thornton

Melody Thornton - “Love Will Return” Cream On Top photo

Melody Thornton blends aspects of her Mexican/African-American heritage with her wild Western Arizona roots. Her hunger to create meaningful songs while staying true to her musical identity makes it easy for her to create fully realized songs. Also, the artist-to-watch draws influence from artists like Shirley Bassey, Nancy Sinatra, B.B. King, the Jackson 5, Aretha Franklin, and Al Green. Recently, Thornton has been on Dancing On Ice and she played the lead in Cinderella for the New Wimbledon Theater. 

“Love Will Return” music video

“I was standing in my kitchen, looking out the window at a scenic view of the hills in L.A. and started humming a melody I’d never heard. I started to add lyrics and in 20 minutes I had the song ‘Love Will Return’ mapped out. It was my favorite song that only existed in my head.” – Melody Thornton stated

‘Love Will Return’ was inspired by Melody Thornton’s ancestral roots as well as her Mexican and African-American heritage. The attractive tune, perfumed with southern soul and classic R&B, serves as one of her biggest musical moments yet. Also, “Love Will Return” is a fantastic presentation of what listeners can expect to hear on Thornton’s latest EP, entitled, “Lioness Eyes“.

“Lioness Eyes” EP

Melody Thornton- Lioness Eyes EP cover

We highly recommend adding Melody Thornton’s “Love Will Return” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

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