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Mell & Vintage Future releases a lovely retro-soul tune, entitled, “Give Love A Try”

Mell & Vintage Future is a rising band from The Netherlands. Not too long ago, they released a lovely retro-soul tune, entitled, “Give Love A Try.”

Mell & Vintage Future – “Give Love A Try” single

“You say it’s over and we’re living in a lie. You say that you love me, but we’re only doing time. I’m praying for a comeback, but the heart rules the mind. Do you wanna break up or make up and give love a try? The morning sunlight hurts my eyes. I wake up with your promises, but they turned out to be lies. You say you wanna come back and then you deny it. Do you wanna break up or make up and give love a try?” – lyrics

‘Give Love A Try’ tells a heartfelt tale about a woman who shares a problematic relationship with her significant other. Apparently, the way he used to feel about her has changed dramatically, and now she wants to know why. In a vulnerable way, she asks him, “Tell me what has changed in how you feel about me?” With a heavy heart, she continues, “Is it over? Is it the end of the line? She’s kinda upset and frustrated at this point, plus her patience has grown thin. “Leave me or love me ‘cause I’m done doing time.”

‘Give Love A Try’ contains a breakup-makeup narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Monique Klemann, Kris Berry, and Lorrèn. The likable tune possesses jazz-laden instrumentation flavored with retro soul and indie R&B elements. Furthermore, “Give Love A Try” is featured on Mell & Vintage Future’s new album, entitled, “Break The Silence.” The 12-track  project features their previously released singles including “Shine Your Light” and “Love Train.”

“Do you wanna break up or make up and give love a try?”

Mell & Vintage Future - “Break The Silence” album cover art

Mell & Vintage Future consists of Melanie Jonk (known from, among others, The Voice Of Holland), Ton Dijkman (Marco Borsato, Candy Dulfer), and Nico Brandsen (Ilse de Lange, Anouk, Kane). In 2019, they released their successful debut album, which resulted in more than 23 million streams and several top songs on NPO Radio 2. The band is currently touring the Netherlands.

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