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MediSun releases an appealing music video for his “Speak Love” single

MediSun (formerly known as King Mas) is an LA-based singer, Grammy award-winning songwriter, musician, and composer raised in Boston. Not too long ago, he released an appealing music video for his “Speak Love” single, released alongside a dub version via Lustre Kings Productions.

“Speak Love” music video

“The entire world was in the midst of the traumatic events of 2020 and I was facing a very tense period in my personal life. In spite of the discomfort I was experiencing, I felt inspired to send a healing wave of sound into Iration and uplift the collective psyche of the planet.

The therapeutic use of sound is the driving force behind all of the works, or bodies of work, on the horizon. Words can harm, deceive, divide, and destroy. Also, they can heal, enlighten, unite, and create. I aim to encourage people to choose the latter when speaking to self or others.” – MediSun explained

‘Speak Love’ is an uplifting tune that finds the artist focusing on the healing power of song and words. The consciously cultivated tune contains a positive narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, “Speak Love” possesses vibey instrumentation flavored with contemporary reggae and neo-soul elements.


Medisun press photo
Photo by Alex Fort

“A mutual brethren, Blakkamoore, had been trying to connect us for years and we finally both had the availability to hold a vibe. It was my inaugural link-up with Zion I Kings in the middle of the global lockdown. This was the very first record that manifested when we entered the creative space.” – MediSun explained

‘Speak Love’ was created last summer when MediSun met up with producer, musician, and artist, Moon Bain, at his home studio in the woodland of western Massachusetts.

Additionally, “Speak Love” marks the first time Medisun collaborated with the mighty Teflon “Zinc Fence” on drums, the sought-after Jah D on bass, Moon Bain on guitar, and writing/arrangement of the song, and the legendary late Drew Keys on keys. Unfortunately, Drew Keys passed on shortly after the song was laid down. Together they created a tune that fits perfectly into his decade-long catalog.

“It was an honor to vibe with him musically and even interact with him a few times before he trodded out of this earthly plane later that year. Honors to him and his family.” – MediSun commented

“Speak Love”

Medisun press photo
Photo by Alex Fort

“The musicians involved in the production were a reggae all-star team. The visual we shot soon after in Kingston with Samo Kush, Fernando Hevia, and Nadia McAnuff was an unforgettable experience.​​ Gratitude to all who are involved in this project and all who are involved in the collective healing process. Be mindful of the words you utter, especially to the young and impressionable, because what you transmit into them is often internalized and amplified in ways that affect us all. We cannot easily stop the lone gunman when we are staring down the barrel of their weapon. But we can stop the small child who is in pain from feeling alone in their suffering. The power to create change is in being gentle with ourselves and others.” – MediSun stated

MediSun has worked with the likes of reggae hitters like Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, and R&B hitmaker, Lucky Daye.

“Speak Love”

Medisun press photo
Photo by Alex Fort

With a strong passion for music as a source of healing, MediSun unlocks the spiritual realm with drops of native chanting to invoke the most preeminent version of self. Drawing from personal pain and experience, he bares his soul in an attempt to free countless others from mental, physical, and emotional bondage.

As an epilepsy survivor himself, MediSun seeks to elicit healing to followers through every musical note and guitar stroke. With many new projects on the horizon, he plans to keep listeners enthralled in his whirlwind of musical healing. Connecting to a higher force, MediSun fuses poignant lyrics and potent melodies to craft a much-needed cure.

“Speak Love” single

MediSun - “Speak Love” song cover

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