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Marina Matiss unveils a passionate pop tune, entitled, “Lovebugs”

Marina Matiss is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter and model from Barcelona, Spain. Not too long ago, she released a passionate pop tune, entitled, “Lovebugs”.

Marina Matiss – “Lovebugs” single

‘Lovebugs’ is about first love and freedom. However, there was a dark time in Marina Matiss’s life, the thorns, through which she broke away to find happiness. Furthermore, the singer shares her life experience with difficulties in relationships with her parents and the hardships of starting a new life in a different country.

Even though Matiss speaks several languages and has an MBA, it was not easy to find a good job fast. She had no money for food or rent and came close to living on the street, facing the abyss. What helped her out of this situation was pure luck, when she was offered a job to be a model. Combining modeling with her day job brought some type of comfort to Matiss. 

Marina Matiss

Marina Matiss press photo with guitar

Marina Matiss’s personal life wasn’t going well either. Her broken heart after a sad love story made her write beautiful music. Also, she wrote a book, entitled, “Zero Gravity”, an autobiographical novel about coping with serious challenges. She never hoped to ever release her music, but she still wrote it anyway. Yet, there was another call of destiny. After a theatre night with “Bohemian Rhapsody”, there was a sort of a click inside of the Matiss’s head. Shortly afterward, she realized she’s been wasting time and decided to pursue her dream of making music.

“Lovebugs” single

Marina Matiss - “Lovebugs” cover

“Marina Matiss shows us she is never afraid to take the risk and “Lovebugs” is another logical link in the chain of her life and art.”

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