Maria Diebolt - “I Wanna Feel Ya” press photo

Listen to Maria Diebolt’s Latest Disco-Pop Single, “I Wanna Feel Ya”

Maria Diebolt (  is an international award-winning singer-songwriter from Fishers, Indiana. Not too long ago, she released a lovely disco-pop single, “I Wanna Feel Ya,” produced by Mitch Lohman.

Maria Diebolt – “I Wanna Feel Ya” single

“You got me dreamin’ about your touch (Ain’t nobody who can do it like that). So hot, it’s almost, too much (Try to leave, but I come right back). It’s far from simple ‘cause I see that look in your eyes. Close to sinful, a spark only you can ignite.” – lyrics

“I Wanna Feel Ya” tells a sensual tale about a young woman who wants her significant other to pull her a little bit closer. She wants to feel her companion’s warm embrace. Later, she tells her partner, “Show me you want me, I don’t care, take me away tonight, I wanna feel ya.”

“I Wanna Feel Ya” will resonate well with anyone who tried to leave their companion but ended up going back because they couldn’t find anyone better than the person they were trying to run away from. To bring that intriguing point home, Maria Diebolt sings with clarity, “I got that something that you need (ain’t nobody who can do it like that). Close your eyes, I’m like a dream (nobody compares to me).”

“It’s no surprise what’s on the horizon”

Maria Diebolt - “I Wanna Feel Ya” press photo

Maria Diebolt has been pouring her heart into music since age 9. As a Butler University graduate and full-time musician, she spends her days writing and her nights performing. Whether it’s an acoustic duo or a full band, Maria continually bonds with her audience, delivers powerful vocals, and aims to forge new connections every time.

Maria’s sound draws inspiration from Ariana Grande’s bold, R&B-influenced style, and Taylor Swift’s catchy and relatable lyrics. And though she can go multi-genre when needed, pop music will forever sing in her heart. Other similar artists to Maria include Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, and Sabrina Carpenter.

“It’s far from simple”

Some of her greatest accomplishments so far include being recognized for her songwriting. Both nationally and internationally, songs like “Lock U Up” and “Boy, Bye” have won multiple awards, and continue to inspire her to grow as a writer and artist. Songwriting is what connects an artist to their audience. Maria strives to create art that her fans can not only relate to but help them feel a sense of belonging and self-worth.

Maria Diebolt – “I Wanna Feel Ya” single

Maria Diebolt - “I Wanna Feel Ya” cover art

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