Maja Francis
Photo by Hana Haley

Maja Francis releases an excellent EP, entitled, “Cry Baby (Pt. 1) [REVIEW]

Maja Francis is an electro-pop singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released an excellent EP, entitled, “Cry Baby (Pt. 1)” EP.


Francis sings about being lonely and dancing on the dancefloor with tears in her eyes. She needs human contact from someone she’s currently in love with.

But there’s one problem. That person has his eyes on someone other than Francis.

Maja Francis

“I look you in the eyes. You’re holding someone there. I want to interrupt, but you’re so far ahead.”

Also, Francis makes it clear that she’s too real to get caught up in the bright disco lights. What she needs is a kiss under the moonlight around a warm fireplace.


Francis recites a poem about her feelings. She urges listeners to wear their feelings like a tiara. Also, she sings about expressing yourself while in public.


Francis realizes her failed relationship started well but has now turned sour. She mentions crying her eyes out when the relationship was over.

Also, deep within, she wants to know why? Why did he leave her stressed out? It’s bad enough feeling lonely, but seeing him on the street is unbearable. Usually, she’s expressive. But when she sees him, she can’t utter a word.

Maja Francis

Maja Francis

“You were right for me, day after day, I just didn’t see. Did you know, did you know? I realize we had something. But you and I turned into nothing at all.”


Francis shines brightly on our favorite song on the EP. Her warm voice sounds wonderful and expresses the warmth of a summer vacation filled with lots of fun. No longer does Francis think about her ex? She has moved on to bigger and better thing.

Maja Francis

“Stars in my head in someone’s bed. Don’t remember how I got here. Thousand drinks, a dozen flings. I keep on making the same mistakes. But I don’t worry, I’m feeling cute. I’m awesome in my space buns.”


Francis recites a poem about her mental state of mind after her breakup.

Maja Francis

She tells herself, “It’s all temporary, you know. The darkness will fade into pastel pink. You’ll be okay ’cause you’re made out of stardust. You’re enough.”


Francis ends the project with a lovely ballad. During a previous interview, she told us that this was her favorite song on the EP.

Cry Baby is my favorite. I really love to sing it and it’s like a love letter to all my fellow crybabies.

Francis sings that it’s therapeutic to cry. Also, crying is a prerequisite for letting go of a hurtful past.  

Maja Francis

Maya Francis


Maja Francis’ “Cry Baby (Pt. 1)” EP is an excellent project filled with heartfelt tunes, relatable lyrics, and an evergreen theme. Also, it guides listeners on a recovery path towards achieving happiness after a hurtful breakup.

“Cry Baby (Pt. 1)

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