Maja Francis is an Electro-Pop singer outta Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, she enlisted London’s Shura to remix her “Saved by the Summer” single.

Shura’s version incorporates trap beats and dark bass under Francis’ soaring warped vocals. Also, it switches to breakbeats and trance-inducing synths to close the track.

Saved by the Summer (Shura Remix)

“I love Shura and now she’s made a remix version of my song where it ends differently and darker. Also, I was never saved by the summer in this one.” – Francis

Maja Francis

Maja Francis

Photo by Hana Haley

The original “Saved by the Summer” single is dynamic. Also, its feel-good vibe took us on a romantic journey during the summer. The song was released last year, and not too long ago, Francis released its music video. Check it out below.

“Saved by the Summer”

“Saved by the Summer” will be featured on the artist’s upcoming EP, entitled, “Cry Baby Pt. 1”. The project is the first of two in Francis’ Cry Baby EP series.

Cry Baby is a tribute to feelings. Also, it’s about wearing them like a tiara, and never having to apologize for being ‘too much’ or ‘too emotional’.” 
– Francis

Maja Francis

Maja Francis

“In my Cry Baby world, it’s ok not to be ok, or to be ok one minute and not the next. By releasing these EPs I’m celebrating the beauty of being fragile. Also, of being a mess, being broken, feeling sad, jealous, angry, lost or just different. I’m reminding myself and others that all feelings are temporary like a cycle or like the seasons. You feel you break, you grow, and you shine.”

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