Maeve Steele press photo

Maeve Steele unveils a lovely four-track EP, entitled, “Barefoot”

Maeve Steele is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter from the Bay Area, California. Not too long ago, she released a lovely four-track EP, entitled, “Barefoot”.

Maeve Steele – “Barefoot” EP

“I spent last summer traveling back and forth between my hometown in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The drive up and down the coast turned into a time of reflection for me, and that’s how this EP came to life. The imagery along the coastline became synonymous with freedom. And that’s what truly inspired ‘Barefoot’.” – Maeve Steele stated

‘Barefoot’, anchored by the tracks “No Control” and “Full Moon”, is woven with Maeve Steele’s artistic evolution. The EP contains relatable narratives, soft vocals, and rich harmonies. Also, the likable project possesses mellow instrumentations flavored with an alternative-pop aroma. 

Maeve Steele

Maeve Steele press photo

Against all odds, Maeve Steele and her team were able to orchestrate her first official tour in accordance with the release of “Barefoot”. With live-stream performances becoming the new normal, Maeve launched the Coastline Virtual Concert Series to pay homage to her muse. In lieu of ticket sales, she partnered with several hunger relief organizations along the coast including Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo Food Bank, Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, and No Kid Hungry—encouraging viewers to make donations.

“Barefoot” EP

Maeve Steele - “Barefoot” cover art

“This release has been unconventional. But I like to believe that incredible art can be born from adverse circumstances. I couldn’t be more proud to represent an artist to choose to use her voice to better the world around her, especially during times like this.” – stated Maeve’s manager, Peter Strickland

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