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Madison Olds releases a music video for her “Thank You” single

Madison Olds is a Canadian singer-songwriter who writes and performs across multiple genres. Not too long ago, she released a music video for “Thank You”, a poppin’ pop tune from her debut album, entitled, “Blue”.

Madison Olds – “Thank You”

“Thank you for breaking me down. I learned who I was and I love what I found. So thank you for leaving your scars. I picked up the pieces when I fell apart. Thank you for breaking my heart.” – lyrics

‘Thank You’ tells the dynamic tale of a woman who focuses on the good that resulted from a bad romantic breakup she recently experienced. Also, the song contains a relatable storyline, gorgeous pop vocals, and a pleasant-sounding instrumentation flavored with electro-pop, dance, and acoustic elements. 

Madison Olds – “Thank You”

Madison Olds "Thank You" artwork

“‘Thank You’ is an upbeat passionate narrative into the value of learning from our mistakes. Also, it’s about the self-compassion and growth that can be found in the process. It serves to remind us all that life is a grand experiment, founded in risk, love, loss and self-re-affirmation.” – Madison Olds

Madison Olds jokes that “Thank You”, produced by Brian Howes/JVP, is the million-dollar song on her album. She’s confident that it’s the missing piece and represents the perfect starting place to begin her album release. Also, she hopes listeners will connect to the song and use its uplifting message as a purifying muse on their road to self-discovery.

We recommend adding Madison Olds’ “Thank You” single to your personal playlist.

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