Maddie Ettrich - “Hold Me Like a High” press photo

Maddie Ettrich releases an impressive dance single, entitled, “Hold Me Like a High”

Maddie Ettrich is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Canada. Not too long ago, she released an impressive dance single, entitled, “Hold Me Like a High.”

Maddie Ettrich – “Hold Me Like a High” single

“One summer night, a few friends and I were hanging out when gunshots rang through the front yard. From what was seemingly a regular day, soon turned into one I was thankful to have. I went home and wrote the lyric ‘hit me like a shotgun through the mundane’ in my journal. A year later, I brought the concept to my producer and my friend, Emma. We wrote ‘Hold Me Like a High’ about that out-of-the-blue kind of love that hits you when you least expect it. The kind of love that makes you take a step back and realize how lucky life can be.” – Maddie Ettrich explained

‘Hold Me Like a High’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Dua Lipa, Ashe, and Maisie Peters. The voluptuous tune possesses groovy bass-laden instrumentation flavored with electro-pop, nu-disco, and contemporary dance elements. Furthermore, “Hold Me Like a High” is the second single from Maddie Ettrich’s upcoming project, a four-song series about a birthday party gone wrong. Maddie stated, “This is the ‘happy in love’ portion of the EP before the party gets crashed.”

“Hold Me Like a High” single

Maddie Ettrich - “Hold Me Like a High” song cover art

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