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Louise Burns releases a delightful new single, entitled, “Bloom”

Louise Burns is a Canadian singer-songwriter and producer from British Columbia. Just in time for Spring, she released a delightful new single, titled, “Bloom.” The song transports listeners to the sun-shiny place that Burns was inspired by in Baja, California.

Louise Burns – “Bloom” single

“I got heavily into nostalgia as a coping mechanism during the pandemic which influenced some of the sonic palettes I was choosing. I suppose I tried to make a chill-out downtempo love song inspired by mid- ‘90s video game music. I brought it to Jason (Corbett, co-producer) and he really made it come alive. I think it’s my first attempt at a proper love song, in my own faux-misanthropic way.” – Louise Burns explained

‘Bloom’ reveals a brand-new side to Louise Burns. The likable tune, filled with bright and airy melodies, marries the 2000s groovy influence Burns is known for. At the end of the track, she displays her love for the ocean with the sound of waves crashing. Furthermore, “Bloom” is featured on Burns’ upcoming studio album, entitled, “Element.” The project will be available on April 21st, 2023, via Light Organ Records. In addition to her singing and songwriting, “Element” also showcases Burns’ music production skills.

Louise Burns

Louise Burns press photo

Louise Burns is British-Canadian, born on the Sunshine Coast and raised in Cranbrook, BC, in the East Kootenays. At the age of 15, she was signed to Madonna‘s Maverick record label. Since then, the former Lillix bassist has established herself as an exciting solo artist to listen to. Her music is heavily influenced by the likes of British greats, such as Kate Bush, Brian Eno, and Depeche Mode.

Burns’ “Element” project encompasses the notion of holding your head high as you tunnel out of the emotional wreckage of life as we know it. According to Burns, there is nothing more radical than being joyful despite what you’re going through. Her velvety vocals are an arresting force throughout the nine-track album, which comprises contemporary, hypnotic slow jams, and synth-ridden tracks, making for a pop haven and something of an escape for introverts.

‘Element’ was primarily co-produced between Burns and Jason Corbett (ACTORS) at his Jacknife Studios in Vancouver. The album also features collaborations with Colin Janz (Teset) and vocologist Carol-Lynne Quinn. A fun fact is “Element” was pieced together over a two-and-a-half-year span between Burns’ home and Mexico.

Louise Burns – “Bloom” single

Louise Burns - “Bloom” cover art

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