Lolo Zouaï’ - “Ocean Beach” EP artwork

Lolo Zouaï releases a music video for her “Lose Myself” single

Lolo Zouaï (pronounced Zoo-Eye) is a 23-year-old New York-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a music video for “Lose Myself”, a lovely tune from her “Ocean Beach” EP.

Lolo Zouaï – “Lose Myself”

“We used to drive down the west side. Honda 92, that’s my first ride. Walk into Sevan’s with no ID. Barely 16, cop the 40. Left my city in a rush. Didn’t look back, gave you up. Now I see my name in the lights, but it’s still dark inside.” – lyrics

‘Lose Myself’ contains a relatable storyline, tasty vocals, and vibey instrumentation produced by Lolo Zouaï. The bubbly tune tells a tale of a young woman who reflects on a lost love from her past.

Apparently, way back then, while trying to find herself, she had to get away to clear her mind. In the midst of doing all that, she decided to give up on her budding relationship, which was shared with someone she adored. 

Now she wonders if that special person will come looking for her, and if so, can they meet up at Ocean Beach.

Lolo Zouaï

Lolo Zouaï press photo

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Lolo Zouaï was born in Paris and raised in San Francisco, California. She’s the result of rich and varied influences, oftentimes using her ability to transform everyday life into sensitive poetry.

The young Franco-Algerian weaves stories and transcends routine feelings into powerful songs.

Check out her music video for her “Jade” single featuring Blood Orange.

Lolo Zouaï – “Jade” featuring Blood Orange

“Not that four letter word, hear it in my sleep. You got a face that I have never seen. Jade, you follow me, follow me, follow me every day. I could never hide from you, Jade.” – lyrics

Lolo Zouaï’s music has amassed over 17M streams online via Spotify. Therefore, get acquainted with her music by streaming her “Ocean Beach” EP.

Lolo Zouaï’ – “Ocean Beach” EP

We recommend adding Lolo Zouaï’s “Lose Myself” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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