Logic releases an inspiring single, entitled, “One Day” featuring Ryan Tedder

Logic is a Beverly Hills, California-based rapper. Not too long ago, he released an inspiring single, entitled, “One Day”, featuring Ryan Tedder. The song is featured on the soundtrack to his debut novel, entitled, “Supermarket”.

Logic – “One Day” feat. Ryan Tedder

“You ever wonder what it means to make it by any means and finally obtain your dreams. On the come up, where they run up from the world of many fiends. I been at it since a teen, get this money, get the cream. Hard work and sacrifice but not a lot know what I mean. Most these rappers ain’t got no class like bomb threats. And being ill is a disease, it’s the onset. And it don’t matter where you at. If you white or if you black. If you rich, or you poor, we gon’ always want more.” – Verse 1

“One Day” is an inspiring tune dedicated to those who are aspiring to accomplish their dreams in a positive way. Although their road to success is difficult, they should be optimistic because dreams do come true for those who stay on the grind and never give up.

The track was produced by Kevin Randolph, 6ix, and Logic. Also, it features gritty drums, runny raps, and a heartfelt chorus perfumed with dreamy melodies.

In conclusion, “One Day” is a 3-minute burst of inspiration. Therefore, we recommend adding it to your personal playlist for motivation while driving, running, or other activities.

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