Liza Owen press photo by Shane McCauley
Photo by Shane McCauley

Liza Owen unveils an electrifying audiovisual for her “Getting Good” single

Liza Owen is a singer-songwriter of Cambodian descent, originally hailing from the English countryside. Not too long ago, she released an electrifying audiovisual for her “Getting Good” single, produced by ASL via EPIC Records.

Liza Owen – “Getting Good” music video

“The song is about self-destruction and embracing the good, the bad, and the ugly. I wanted this video to show fans the side of me that’s always there waiting to come out and cause mayhem. The side of me that loves to self-sabotage. Sometimes, it can feel like you’re not really getting good at anything. So this was me saying, ‘F**K IT’ and embracing it. I got to shoot it with my friends who play the band in the video. They wrote and produced the song with me. So that was pretty cool to have them involved in every aspect. It was just fun to let loose and get wild on set for this one and to give people a glimpse of what my live show will look like.” — Liza Owen stated

The Kai Cranmore-directed music video unveils Liza Owen’s wild side. The video finds the artist-to-watch dangling out of a moving car and smashing beer bottles on set while performing with her pink-haired bandmates. Mirroring the song’s motif of self-destruction, Owen gradually grows increasingly rebellious on a fictional set. Eventually, she is dragged into the desert by her leopard print-wearing alter ego.

‘Getting Good’ tells the ultimate story of self-destruction and the lengths we go to leading ourselves down the wrong paths. Also, the song explores the dualities that live inside all of us in a raw, honest, and unapologetic fashion—true to Liza Owen’s nature. Furthermore, “Getting Good” possesses vibrant instrumentation reminiscent of early ’90s guitar-driven grunge music.

“Getting Good” single

Liza Owen - “Getting Good” cover

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