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Lia D’Sau releases a lovely debut single, entitled, “Manboy”

Lia D’Sau is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Tel Aviv, Israel. Not too long ago, she released a lovely debut single, entitled, “Manboy,” which finds the artist lamenting a breakup she initiated.

Lia D’Sau – “Manboy” single

“I wrote this song when I was 17 and had broken up with this guy I was seeing. My friend and I were talking about how I needed to start dating men and not boys. So that’s how I came up with the term, manboy. I was hurt from what had happened in our relationship. And I just laid out our entire timeline for the verses of the song. Writing it ended up becoming a therapeutic way to have closure around what happened, and doing that on my own.” – Lia D’Sau explained

‘Manboy’ contains a relationship-breakup narrative, tender vocals, and tuneful melodies. The mellow tune possesses acoustic guitar and synth-laden instrumentation flavored with a lo-fi indie-pop vibration. Also, “Manboy” is the first released track from D’Sau’s upcoming debut EP, produced by Midi Jones (Demi Lovato, Audrey Mika, Alessia Cara).

“Losing is just part of the process.”

Lia D'Sau press photo

Lia D’sau grew up listening to her parents’ favorite R&B records, with her father being a former boy band member himself. D’sau began singing at age eight, eventually attending a music camp in New York City at the age of 15.

“Having other people write songs for me seemed daunting, terrible. I’ve been taught to look deeper at the world since I was a child, and I have things I want to say.” – Lia D’Sau stated

For Lia D’Sau, songwriting is a declaration. She was raised on indie and R&B. Her music explores her thoughts on womanhood, relationships, and social issues with maturity and curiosity, using music as her toolkit.

“Manboy” single

Lia D'Sau - “Manboy” song cover art

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