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LEISURE releases a groovy electro-soul single, entitled, “Back In Love”

LEISURE  is a soul-electronic collective based in Auckland, New Zealand. Not too long ago, they released a groovy electro-soul single, titled, “Back In Love,” via Nettwerk.

LEISURE – “Back In Love” single

“‘Back In Love’ actually came out of the trials and tribulations of navigating parenthood with your lover. You both put all your time and energy into this little human and it’s easy to neglect your relationship with each other. This song is about making time for each other again and reminding ourselves that no matter what life throws at us, we’ll always find our way back to where we began.” – LEISURE explained

‘Back In Love’ combines thick, funky bass with sugary sweet vocal melodies over a cool mellow groove. “I’ll just fall back in love with you,” goes the yearning chorus, a sublime dose of melancholia capped off by a triumphant horn section. Furthermore, “Back In Love” is the third single from LEISURE’s fourth LP, entitled, “Leisurevision,” set for release on September 29th, 2023. “Back In Love” continues LEISURE’s album campaign in style: a flawless groove soaked in blissed-out vibes, perfect to play on a hot summer day.

LEISURE – All The Good Times Never Die ft. Night Tapes (Official Audio)

‘Back In Love’ follows “All The Good Times Never Die,” the recent sublime collaboration with Night Tapes, and lead album single “Always,” a blissed-out pop gem released in June, which has already reached over a million Spotify streams to date. As well as a string of singles, the release of “Leisurevision” will also be accompanied by a headline tour in autumn spanning across North America and Canada – with dates already sold out in New York and L.A.


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In a world preoccupied with instant gratification and overnight success, LEISURE has been taking the scenic route. The five members – and mates – came together in 2015 on a spontaneous trip up New Zealand’s rugged west coast. At that stage, they’d independently spent years churning through the music machine’s tight jaws. Individually, the five are award-winning songwriters, producers, and creatives. Together, they resolved to carve out a new musical paradigm: cut the crap, enjoy the ride, and above all, keep it LEISURE.

350+ million streams later, including a collaboration with Goldlink, and sold-out dates throughout NZ, Australia, the UK, Europe, and now the USA, they’re doing something right.

More about LEISURE’s “Leisurevision” album

A colorful new season is ushered in with “Leisurevision,” encapsulated by the color green – symbolic of growth, renewal, and rebirth. The album takes inspiration from various eras — from the smoothness of seventies blue-eyed-soul to the romantic energy of early eighties post-disco, locking in with mid-nineties hip-hop drum programming, and glued down with what has become somewhat of a signature lush LEISURE guitar sound heard across their discography.

LEISURE – “Back In Love” single

LEISURE - “Back In Love” cover art

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