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Proud Radio Host, MNEK, Welcomes Leigh-Anne on Apple Music 1 to Discuss Her Brand-New Single, “My Love,” featuring Ayra Starr

Proud radio host, MNEK, welcomed ex-Little Mix star turned solo artist, Leigh-Anne, on Apple Music 1 to discuss her latest single, “My Love,” featuring Ayra Starr. In the wide-ranging conversation, they discussed how she’s finding life as a solo artist now that she’s a few releases in, where she’s at with her debut solo project, her feelings towards a Little Mix reunion, the making of her “My Love” single with Ayra Starr, and the significance of displaying her roots as a Black artist in the music industry.

Leigh-Anne talks with MNEK

Leigh-Anne Pinnock talks about the making of her My Love single feat. Ayra Starr with MNEK via Apple Music 1 photo 

MNEK and Proud Radio on Apple Music 1

Leigh-Anne tells Apple Music about her life as a solo artist.

I feel like for me as well, obviously, I’m a new artist basically, so I just want people to see the different sides to me. Obviously, just building on my fan base, building on everything. So for me, it’s important to get those bangers out there and yeah, show the sides.

Leigh-Anne tells Apple Music about the process of making “My Love”

So, I knew that I wanted a feature and Ayra just seemed like the perfect person. She’s so talented, I’m obsessed with her. And then so I messaged her thinking, I’m just going to go and just see what happens. I messaged her and lucky for me, she was a Little Mix fan. I was like, “Yes, win.”

So then we met in the studio. I played it to her and she loved it and she was dancing and then she literally put her verse down and it was just one take. It was just that. That was it. You know sometimes with features you have to be like, “Oh, no change that, change that out. It’s just not really that great.” But she just killed it. There was no change done. Thanks.

Leigh-Anne tells Apple Music how close she is to releasing her debut project.

Yeah, I think I did the core of the album in Jamaica, so that was a really wicked experience being my second home writing. And yeah, I think I definitely got the bulk of it there. But yeah, I don’t want to rush it, but at the same time I’m like, it’s coming together really nicely.

Leigh-Anne discusses the reasons behind releasing various versions of “Don’t Say Love.”

I want people to know that I’m an R&B girl. That’s my first love. So obviously coming out, “Don’t Say Love,” obviously very garage-leaning. I think you remember when Mariah used to release those remixes. And I don’t know if people do that enough anymore. And why not? It gives the song another lease of life, and it gave me the ability to be able to show off my vocals as well, and obviously show my love for R&B and show again these different sides and things that I love. So yeah. And for “My Love,” there’ll definitely be, I think more of that. A hundred percent. Yeah.

Leigh-Anne – “Don’t Say Love” [Official Video]

Leigh-Anne on whether the constant talk of a Little Mix reunion gets frustrating.

Do you know what? It doesn’t get frustrating because I feel like Little Mix is such a massive part of who I am and it’s not something where I’m like, “Oh, I don’t want to talk about it or whatever.” Obviously, I’m trying to establish my solo stamp and whatever. But that group is me still. And I think we’d all say that. And I love those girls so much and literally could never have a bad word to say about it or them or anything. And it’s just like I’m proud of what we’ve done as well.

Leigh-Anne tells Apple Music about the excitement at the prospect of her live shows.

Oh my Lord, I can’t wait. And I think as well, the fact that I had so much experience in the group with that, and we put on a show, again with our visuals, with everything, so it’s just a massive part of what I’m going to be doing, performing, and I want people to want to come and see me perform. That’s the most important thing.

Leigh-Anne on the importance of showing her Blackness in her solo music.

It’s just a part of who I am. I think there was only so much that I could show off in the group, and that was fine because that was what it was. But now it’s like I have this full creative control and I can just express who I am and what I love and that it’s just been the most amazing thing. I feel like people are really going to get to know the real me.

Leigh-Anne on what songs have been inspiring her music lately.

Classic songs. I mean anything like R&B, late nineties, early 2000s. That’s my sweet spot. But I feel like I’m going to say a Mariah (Carey) song just because she is everything and the reason that I wanted to sing. So I’m going to say Mariah Carey, “My All.”

Leigh-Anne – “My Love” (feat. Ayra Starr)

Leigh-Anne - My Love (feat. Ayra Starr) cover

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