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Lauren Faith releases a groovy R&B tune, entitled, “River Runs Deep”

Lauren Faith is a singer-songwriter and producer from London. Not too long ago, she released a groovy R&B tune, entitled, “River Runs Deep”.

Lauren Faith – “River Runs Deep”


“Last night I lay awake. Contemplating all the lies that you tell. Last night it hurts to say I realized that you know me too well.”– lyrics

‘River Runs Deep” contains a relatable storyline, laid-back vocals, and melodious instrumentation flavored with electro-pop and urban soul elements.

Lauren Faith – “River Runs Deep”

Lauren Faith River Runs Deep artwork

“This is an empowering and important song for me. It is an exploration of being a woman in a 21st-century relationship. In a world where only six women have been nominated for the Producer of the Year award in the entire 59-year history of the Grammys. I really wanted to focus on pushing myself to be able to find my own voice and style. Not only through songwriting but also through production.” – Lauren Faith

Lauren Faith was born into a musical family. She grew up listening to her mother’s vinyl collection, which consisted of ‘70s funk, neo-soul, and go-go music.

Since then, she has carved her own path, landing numerous cuts as a topliner and songwriter, including two tracks on Craig David’s #1 UK album, entitled, “Following My Intuition”.

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