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Laurel Laxxes releases a groovy electro-pop tune, entitled, “Somewhere New”, featuring Gavin Beach    

Laurel Laxxes (Nicholas Cummins) is an electronic producer from Byron Bay, Australia. Not too long ago, he released a groovy electro-pop tune, entitled, “Somewhere New”, featuring singer-songwriter Gavin Beach.

Laurel Laxxes – “Somewhere New” single

“I was living such an incredible life at this point. Being enamored with the new landscapes I was finding myself in around Europe whilst being afforded the opportunity to collaborate with international artists left me feeling so inspired and positive.” – Laure Laxxes

The first drafts of “Somewhere New” were written around the time Laurel Laxxes was working at Acapela Studios in Cardiff, UK.

The incredible visual landscapes from that area inspired him to create the lush sounds found in “Somewhere New”.  

Shortly afterward, he was introduced to Gavin Beach, and the two artists hit it off for what would be a successful partnership.

Laurel Laxxes – “Somewhere New” single

Laurel Laxxes - “Somewhere New” cover art

“I met Gavin and his producer at the studio in the hills and instantly fell in love with his voice. Also, I admired his laid back and respectful personality. Upon returning to Australia, I knew I had to get him on the track, knowing his vocals would sit perfectly in the track and absolutely shine where they needed to.” – Laure Laxxes

‘Somewhere New’ contains a relatable storyline and soulful vocals. Also, the likable tune possesses harmonious instrumentation scented with unique blends of atmospheric electronica sounds.

We recommend adding it to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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