Lara Samira - “Call Me Crazy” cover photo
Stijn Doors (Reginar Photography)

Lara Samira releases a lovely pop-rock single, entitled, “Call Me Crazy”

Lara Samira is a rising, 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, she released a lovely pop-rock single, titled, “Call Me Crazy,” written by Lara, Stephanie Struijk, Roel Rats, and Ben Cassorla. Furthermore, the song was produced by Roulsen and Ben Cassorla (Olivia Rodrigo) and mastered by Ivo Statinski.

Lara Samira – “Call Me Crazy” lyric video

“Call me crazy, so call me lazy if that’s what you want. But I can save me and you’ll be watching from afar in the crowd. Speak up, sit straight, find a good man. Focus, dive in, go make a name. Yeah, if I had to choose between passion and rules, I’d be preaching ‘bout dreaming, got nothing to lose. Only have this one shot, take the noose, untie the knot.” – lyrics

‘Call Me Crazy’ reflects the confidence that Lara Samira has in her art, despite what other people say. She explained, “Too many times, I’ve been told that I would never make it and that I’m crazy for trying or too lazy to do something good.” But that’s not the case because Lara is making the most out of her life. She’s unapologetically living her dream and not losing herself to society’s expectations. In great spirit, she sings, “If you had to choose between passion and rules, you‘d be preaching ‘bout income and tie your own noose to put around your neck and wear it as a necklace, dear.”

‘Call Me Crazy’ is Lara’s second single from her upcoming EP, and her ninth release on Toukan Records, an indie label from The Netherlands. The song follows mildly on the heels of her unapologetic single, “F****** Lame.”

“Call me crazy, I hope I am.”

Lara Samira - “Call Me Crazy” press photo
Stijn Doors (Reginar Photography)

Lara Samira’s debut EP, “phosphenes,” has accumulated over five million streams. Her new music is more colorful, edgy, and charismatic. It will definitely shake you. Currently, Lara has over 260k monthly listeners on Spotify and her fanbase continues to grow with each release.

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