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Lala & Ebenezer released their “Don’t Tease Me” Single featuring QPski

Lala (@miss_lafamilia formerly known as Miss Lafamilia) is a singer-songwriter from Winson Green Birmingham, England. Not too long ago, she released a tropical Ebenezer-produced single, “Don’t Tease Me,” featuring QPski.

Lala – “Don’t Tease Me” MV featuring QPski

Lala’s ability to convey warmth is reassuring. Her vocal tone here is soothing, almost like a gentle promise, which enhances the intimate atmosphere of “Don’t Tease Me.” These moments highlight her exceptional vocal control and emotive expression, making her performance not just a part of the music, but a driving force behind its emotional impact.

QPski’s contribution brings a compelling, harder edge that seamlessly complements Lala’s smooth, sultry vocals. QPski’s verse injects a dose of raw energy and depth, adding to the overall dynamism of the track. QPski’s lyrical delivery is assertive, yet harmoniously intertwined with the song’s sensual undertones, creating a rich, multifaceted auditory experience.

The production by Ebenezer is soothing in rhythmic artistry. The drum-laden instrumentation serves as the backbone of the track, drawing heavily from tropical Afrobeats and Afro rhythms. This rhythmic foundation is infectious and groove-inducing, compelling listeners to move with the beat.


One of the standout moments in “Don’t Tease Me” is when Lala sings, “Why’d you never call me? You say you’ve been hurt before.” Her voice carries a sense of vulnerability and longing that resonates deeply, creating an emotional connection with listeners. Lala sings passionately, “You’re looking for someone to fill the void. Ooh-ii, don’t worry if the neighbors hear the noise.”

“Don’t Tease Me” is as rhythmically engaging as it is melodically smooth. The tropical influences are evident, yet they are crafted in a way that maintains a universal appeal, making “Don’t Tease Me” accessible to a diverse audience. This blend of smooth vocals and rhythmic beats is not only catchy but also adds a sensual and intimate vibe to the song. The instrumentation plays a crucial role in amplifying this atmosphere, ensuring listeners are enveloped in the song’s emotional and rhythmic pulse.


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Ultimately, the synergy between Lala’s smooth vocal delivery and QPski’s harder edge, combined with Ebenezer’s expert production, makes “Don’t Tease Me” a standout track. The interplay of melody and rhythm creates a unique listening experience that is sensual and invigorating, showcasing the talents of all involved. The result is a track that resonates on multiple levels, inviting listeners to enjoy its rhythmic groove and intimate ambiance.

Lala – “Don’t Tease Me” featuring QPski

Lala - “Don't Tease Me” cover art

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