Kyd the Band press photo by Garret Hayes
Photo by Garret Hayes

Kyd the Band releases an empowering music video for his “Glory” single

Kyd the Band (a.k.a. Devin Guisande) is a talented singer-songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Not too long ago, he released an empowering music video for his “Glory” single.

Kyd the Band – “Glory” music video

The video serves as a thank you letter to fans to help Devin live his dreams. Now, he returns the favor, encouraging fans to never give up, keep pushing forward, and what matters most is that you keep following your dream. The touching video features three separate stories about a painter, a fighter, and a ballerina. Each person conveys Devin’s message of resilience in a moving tour de force.

‘Glory’ is an uplifting ballad, inspiring listeners to follow their dreams whether they win or lose in spite of any obstacles. The likable tune contains an inspiring narrative, ear-pleasing vocalization, and vibrant instrumentation flavored with an alternative-pop vibration. Furthermore, “Glory” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Kyd the Band’s upcoming EP, entitled, “Season Four: Finale.” The project is a culmination of all the lessons learned in each prior season.

In each season, Devin has continued to develop his sound and story. From discussing the delusion of the American dream, the passing of loved ones, and self-acceptance. There is no topic that he is unafraid to share his experience. With season four on the horizon, Devin has found his own American dream. His dream of creating music not for the sense of fame or money but for being able to connect with people.

Kyd the Band

Kyd the Band press photo by Garret Hayes
Photo by Garret Hayes

“My voice is the one that has to matter the most to me. I write music because there’s truth and meaning in it for me. It feels like there’s honor in it. I do this because I want there to be a point to my story, and whether I fail or succeed is defined by me at the end of the day.” – Kyd the Band explained

The gospel feel of “Glory” brings Kyd The Band’s artistry full circle for the critically-acclaimed songwriter. Once he joined the Pentecostal church, he had to give up his initial dream of becoming a professional athlete. But through the church, he found gospel and his love of music. However, he was not allowed to write any non-secular music, prompting Devin to exit the church and follow his passion for music. Now after three EPs and finding himself musically, he returns to his roots with the gospel elements in “Glory.”

Kyd the Band

Kyd the Band press photo

“Whatever the case, you can’t give someone else the power you have to make the decisions for your life. You either let the negative voices in your life pull you down or make you stronger — the choice is yours.” – Kyd The Band stated

Kyd the Band has steadily been growing a fan base earning over 25 million streams and over four million video views. With each release, he reveals more of himself as he finds the confidence to delve deep into his tumultuous past. From a socially isolated childhood to leaving his home and family. From overcoming a drug overdose to finally finding solace in music and healthy relationships. Likewise, he hopes that by unveiling his experiences, he will forge an open dialogue with his fan base – inspiring his listeners to reflect and grow from past experiences. This upcoming season is a reflection of all proving that going after his own dream was worth it.

“Glory” single

KYD the Band - Glory (Artwork)

“With everything I write, I try to write directly from my life and what’s in my heart. I’d love for my music to reach all the kids like me, who are maybe questioning what they were raised to believe or feel like they haven’t found where they belong just yet. I hope those kinds of people hear what I have to say, and see a bit of their own story in my songs.” – Kyd the Band stated

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