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krissy releases a heartfelt alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Light”

krissy is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Light”.

krissy – “Light” single

“Gonna walk with light and deliver. Gonna shake my fears to the bone. ‘Cause when it all comes down I’m barely standing on my own two feet anymore. Time to shake it out, find my own escape. I can’t compromise, I can’t live this way. Time to bend the rules, heal my ache. Un hinge myself, throw this all away.” – lyrics

‘Light’ tells an interesting tale of a courageous young woman who decides to stand her ground during an incoming storm in her life. The likable tune alludes to krissy’s desire to walk with the light, and her determination to face her fears to become who she needs and wants to be. Furthermore, “Light” will be featured on krissy’s upcoming EP, entitled, “bodyqueen”, available August 2019.

krissy – “Light” single

Krissy – “Light” cover art

“‘Light’ is about self-reflection. About dealing with personal insecurities and deciding to still face them head-on without fear.” – krissy

krissy, a part of the gospel music scene, grew up singing in church. Since then, she has transitioned to different genres and is now blossoming into her own edgy brand of indie-pop. Her sound torches over the ever-predictable pop noise and saturates it with bold and aggressive rock undertones.

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