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KAYPAIGE releases an urban hip-hop tune, entitled, “Crew,” featuring Kyle Young

KAYPAIGE is a 24-year-old East Coast rapper, singer, and YouTube personality from Boston, Massachusetts. Not too long ago, she released an urban hip-hop tune, entitled, “Crew,” featuring Kyle Young.

KAYPAIGE – “Crew” single featuring Kyle Young

“I like to experiment with sounds, but this track really embodies the fun energy I like to share with my followers – light turn-up vibes. I think it’s the perfect time to release this song. The world is finally starting to open back up and I think we’re all excited to link back up with our crews and get into some trouble. Good trouble, I mean.” – KAYPAIGE stated

‘Crew’ emerges as the perfect anthem for anyone ready to get back to real life. The lyrics celebrate time spent with close friends.

‘Crew’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing raps that will resonate well with fans of Doja Cat, Wolftyla, and Cardi B. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with a fun hip-hop and R&B vibe. Furthermore, “Crew” was produced in Spain, recorded in South Korea, and finished in the United States. KAYPAIGE will be releasing a Seoul version of the song featuring Korean rapper, SadBoy JB.


KAYPAIGE press photo

“I’ve always enjoyed exploring a host of different influences. People were quick to advise that I find a singular sound or image. But I’ve always hated that restriction. I’m experimenting with rap, rock, disco, bubblegum pop – you name it. These are all things that I’ve grown up with and I have a strong urge to make. I’m through with being limited.” – KAYPAIGE stated

KAYPAIGE is known for her viral personality on social media and travels abroad. She gained popularity as a viral YouTube personality on the popular YOUNG! Music channel. So far, she has accumulated millions of views from her content all across the globe. Despite this, KAYPAIGE has always felt the desire to aspire for something more ambitious, adventurous, and genuinely meaningful.


KAYPAIGE press photo

2020 saw KAYPAIGE release three singles – Chase Me, Hate You, and Love It – featuring Korean artists as part of a Seoul, Korea-based project. Following this, she moved back to America and gained a following for her popular Tiktok series and YouTube storytimes. Intending to create music for a living, KAYPAIGE hopes to touch as many people as possible with her catchy tunes. With over 50 million views worldwide, it seems that she is well on her way.

“Crew” single

KAYPAIGE - “Crew” single cover art

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