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Kaisha releases a lovely neo-soul tune, entitled, “Ready Set Go”

Kaisha is a 24-year-old Malaysian-born songwriter-songwriter based in Brighton, England. Not too long ago, she released a lovely neo-soul tune, entitled, “Ready Set Go”, produced and mixed by James Berkeley.

Kaisha – “Ready Set Go” single

“It’s about the mundane day-to-day life and finding a way to deal with it in a new light. The track’s chorus repeats ‘take it slow’ as a reminder to everyone that no matter how routine life can be, cherish it for when its good, and to remember it’s only temporary when it’s bad.” – Kaisha

‘Ready Set Go’ contains a relatable narrative, soothing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses hip-hop-influenced instrumentation scented with a warm neo-soul aroma. Furthermore, “Ready Set Go” encourages listeners to always stay positive and remain optimistic about the future.


Kaisha press photo

“I was going through a complicated journey with my musical identity and was too, juggling a job. This was a reminder to myself to stay strong and patient. Ironically, I feel like this song applies to our current situation even more. We’re all facing some hard times, some worse than others. Just remember to do the best you can and to take it slowly, cos that’s how you win your battles.” – Kaisha

Kaisha grew up in a musically inclined family overflowing with an eclectic taste in music. In 2015, while studying music at a university, she was exposed to the neo-soul and R&B music scene in Brighton and London. Her musical influences include H.E.R., Mac Ayres, and The Internet. Also, Kaisha prides herself on her array of musical ideas and her ability to convey her unique yet relatable experiences through her songwriting.

Kaisha - “Ready Set Go” cover

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