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Justy releases a cozy holiday tune, entitled, “Blues on the Crosley”

Justy (also stylized as JUSTY) is a Brooklyn-born, Staten Island-raised artist. Not too long ago, she released a cozy holiday tune, entitled, “Blues on the Crosley.”

Justy – “Blues on the Crosley” single

“The holidays got a way with putting things into perspective. No surprise, I should expect this. ‘Cause when I’m cold, and I’m alone, the vinyl’s on, Crosley playing, Nat King Cole and sleigh bells ringing. House ain’t a home if you take out the you. I got your heart I’ma fly it to you.” – lyrics

‘Blues on the Crosley’ touches on the longing one experiences when they’re apart from the person they love. The emotionally-tinged holiday tune contains a relationship-based narrative, pleasing vocals, and rich harmonies that are sure to pull on your heartstring. Also, the song possesses laidback instrumentation flavored with a warm contemporary R&B aroma. Furthermore, “Blues on the Crosley” follows Justy’s most recent releases including “Cool” and “Expectations,” which are a part of her forthcoming album due out in 2021.

“House ain’t a home if you take out the you.”

Justy press photo

“This longing is intensified by that ‘time of year’ when all you want is to be surrounded by love and the warmth of the season. Home becomes less of a place and more of a person/feeling. Sonically, this record feels like your favorite record playing on a vinyl on a late cold night fit for overthinking. ‘Blues on the Crosley’ is that cozy up by a fire, whiskey-drinking on a cold night kind of song. Sink into its warmth, its sadness, and its comfort.” – Justy explained

Justy began writing music at the age of 12. Since then, she has blossomed into a unique and promising force inspired by the works of artists such as J Dilla, Amy Winehouse, NoName, Anderson .Paak, and Lauryn Hill. In 2018, her refreshing sound caught the eye of British music powerhead Kwame Kwaten (also of D-Influence). He took on the artist for a two single project which penned her notable tracks, “Try” (2018), and “L8R” (2019). Since then, the self-proclaimed “old soul” has been showcasing her maturity and growth as an independent artist.

“Blues on the Crosley” single

Justy - “Blues on the Crosley” cover

We recommend adding Justy’s “Blues on the Crosley” single to your favorite playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below. Peace.

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