Jungleboi & Dom McAllister

Jungleboi & Dom McAllister release live visuals for their “Sinner’s Suicide (Acoustic)” single

Jungleboi is a London-based electronic/pop producer. Dom McAllister is a talented British singer. Not too long ago, they released a live music video for their “Sinner’s Suicide (Acoustic)” single.

Jungleboi & Dom McAllister – “Sinner’s Suicide (Acoustic)”

“I just wanna fly, head first take the ride. Say my grace tonight, say, your grace, tonight. I know that you wanna hide. Don’t show what you got inside. Go low but you lose the high. It’s a sinner’s suicide.” – lyrics

‘Sinner’s Suicide’ contains a peculiar storyline, soaring vocals, and a groovy instrumentation fused with EDM, alternative-pop, and tribal elements. Jungle, Sínai, and McAllister wrote the song, and it was recorded at Sarm Studios and Sensible Studios in London. Listen to the original version below and let us know what you think.

Jungleboi – “Sinner’s Suicide” feat. Dom McAllister

“‘Sinner’s Suicide’ is about letting a reckless side of us fly free for a night. That dark and reckless side is in all of us and that part of us wants to see how far over the edge we can go.”

“Sinner’s Suicide was written by myself, Sínai and Dom [McAllister]. A conversation we had before the session led to us exploring the lyrical contents. Guess it’s fair to say we were going through some things and we felt like people could relate.” – Jungleboi

We recommend adding Jungleboi’s and Dom McAllister’s “Sinner’s Suicide” single to your personal playlist.

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