Jocelyn Alice

Jocelyn Alice releases gorgeous visuals for her “Still Wondering” single

Jocelyn Alice is a Canadian pop singer-songwriter out of Calgary, Alberta. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Still Wondering” single.

Jocelyn Alice – “Still Wondering”

“Through the years I cried the tears I knew I needed to. I let go of all the hurt when I let go of you. I don’t wanna see you, I just want to know the truth. Still wondering if you’re out there at all. Hope is heavy. A hundred bricks lay on my chest it’s hard to breathe.”

Still Wondering is an inspiring, upbeat gem quivering with positive vibes. Even though it was created after an emotional and turbulent period in time for its survivor.

“Even though I let go, I don’t call. Still wondering if you’re out there at all. Do you think about me when it gets hard?”

Relationship breakups happen every day, and it’s hard for its victims to let go of the person they are still in love with. The pain of separation takes time to heal, and in the meantime, ex-lovers are left wondering about their significant other’s wellbeing.

Jocelyn Alice

Jocelyn Alice

Jocelyn Alice is a certified Platinum artist in Canada with chart success on various platforms such as Billboard, iTunes, etc. Also, she has received a SOCAN #1 Song Award for co-writing Mother Mother’s hit single, “The Drugs”.

Prior to her solo career, Alice and bassist Lisa Jacobs performed as the soul-pop duo, jocelyn & lisa.

We recommend adding “Jocelyn Alice’s “Still Wondering” single to your personal playlist.

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