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J.Lamaar releases an edifying R&B tune, entitled, “P.T.S.D”

J.Lamaar is an up-and-coming R&B/soul singer-songwriter. He was born in Fort Hood, Texas, and raised in High Point, North Carolina. Not too long ago, he released “P.T.S.D”, an edifying R&B tune from his “In the Clouds” EP.

J.Lamaar – “P.T.S.D”

“‘P.T.S.D’, which stands for ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’ (PTSD), is a song which gives the world a perspective of a person who went through a traumatic experience. Also, it was created to help people learn and understand people who have been through these experiences and how they may feel. Most times, the people who deal with PTSD have a story to tell, but sometimes they don’t know how to tell it.” – J.Lamaar

‘P.T.S.D’ contains a relatable storyline and sweet soul vocals. Also, the song possesses guitar-driven instrumentation flavored with a nostalgic vibration.

“In the Clouds”

J.Lamaar - “In the Clouds" artwork

“‘P.T.S.D’ is based on a true story of my life as a veteran dealing with PTSD. I wrote the song originally as a poem when I was at the VA hospital waiting to be seen.” – J.Lamaar

J.Lamaar writes songs about his life, love, and pain. Recently, he completed his military service and is currently focused on letting the world hear his soulful tunes.

Get acquainted with J.Lamaar’s music by streaming his “In the Clouds” EP via Spotify.

“In the Clouds” EP

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