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J.Lamaar releases an animated lyric video for his “Colors” single featuring Alfy

J.Lamaar is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Fort Hood, Texas. Not too long ago, he released an animated lyric video for his “Colors” single featuring Alfy.

J.Lamaar – “Colors”

“You know your mind thinks of wild things when you high. Inside your mind, you’re an astronaut who’s floating through the sky at night (starts off black and white) then turns to color as the song kicks in. It’s like inception as going deeper into your mind, where ‘Colors’ is an ‘80s arcade game, in which you have to destroy the clones (your competition). Then you get to a bonus round where you collect flowers. At the end of this round, you switch back to your astronaut alter ego. But now your vision is more beautiful and flowers fall from the sky around you.” – J.Lamaar

The music video for “Colors” begins inside J.Lamaar’s high state-of-mind. Inside his lifted thoughts are scenes from a simulated video game of a space-traveling astronaut.

Before the video comes to a conclusion, viewers are taken on an animated journey into a make-believe world that J.Lamaar imagines in real-time.

‘Colors’ contains a relatable storyline, sweet soul vocals, and slow-burning instrumentation flavored with R&B and urban-soul elements. Also, the delicate flower spoken about within the song speaks of the cannabis plant which enables the artist’s imagination to animate into different worlds.

J.Lamaar – “Colors”

J.Lamaar – “Colors” artwork

“I wanted to make a song where the listener can make their own interpretations and can compare the flower to whatever they like—a girlfriend or boyfriend, etc. But the song is truly talking about the meditative state of the mind when you smoke and the music video is made to soothe the listener visual as the music plays.” – J.Lamaar

J.Lamaar writes songs about his life, love, and pain.

Recently, he completed his military service and is currently focused on letting the world hear his soulful tunes.

Get acquainted with J.Lamaar’s music by streaming his “In the Clouds” EP via Spotify.

“In the Clouds”

“My delicate flower you help me see life in color. So pixelated with you as my eyes, girl, I’m so captivated. So colorful and things I never noticed stand out and it’s crazy. You say you wanna show me the world, instead, you show me the universe.” – lyrics from “Colors”

We recommend adding J.Lamaar’s “Colors” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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